Assist provides insights that are meaningful, actionable and of real value, enabling you to make immediate operational and long-term strategic decisions more effectively. Our CLOUD ERP Reporting provides a real-time view through multiple standard reports, flexible report building tools and custom reports built to meet your unique business needs.


Cross-Channel and Real-Time View of KPIs

Tight integration and real-time synchronization of all sales channels enables you to view product performance, inventory usages, profitability and other key performance indices for your entire business.

Standard and Build-Your-Own Reports

Assist provides you with a full library of standard reports as well as the ability to build your own reports. Outputs include standard spooled reports, on-screen with drill down, DB2 data files, download to Excel spreadsheets, Assist open source iReports and common report tools such Cognos™ or Crystal Reports. Reports are categorized in three groups: operational, end user and management reporting.

Sampling of Standard Reports:

  • • Invoice report
  • • Order acknowledgement report
  • • Held orders report
  • • Daily A/R write-off report
  • • Allocation report
  • • Allocation shortage report
  • • Outstanding shipper report
  • • Open ship confirmation report
  • • Open summary inventory report
  • • Inventory balances
  • • Inventory locations
  • • Reference file reports
  • • Currency rates report
  • • Notes report

  • • Web orders
  • • Phone orders
  • • Mail orders
  • • Point of sale orders
  • • Keycode
  • • Offers
  • • Catalog
  • • Price list report
  • • Order batch list report
  • • Prospect mailing history
  • • Square inch analysis
  • • Multi-level customer tracking
  • • Chart of accounts
  • • Budgets
  • • Suspense reports
  • • Bank reconciliation
  • • Check list
  • • Vendor analysis
  • • Credit card reports
  • • Customer statements
  • • Reconciliation reports
  • • Customer lists
  • • Point of sale orders
  • • Keycode
  • • Offers
  • • Catalog

  • • Graphical reports
  • • Pie charts
  • • Bar charts
  • • Line charts
  • • Graph charts
  • • Phone orders
  • • Mail orders
  • • Point of sale orders
  • • By keycode
  • • By offers
  • • By catalog
  • • Cash forecast report
  • • Trial balances
  • • Income statement
  • • By marketing source
  • • By product line


Real-Time Financial Analytics

Get instant visibility across your business to analyze and respond to market trends and make better decisions. Utilize a broad array of integrated business intelligence tools to generate comprehensive information management solutions. Customizable report generation, inquiry, and analysis applications work seamlessly with the entire Assist ERP system to provide real-time insights to every aspect of your business.

Closed-Loop Analytics Model

Take control of the budgeting and planning process with enterprise-wide purpose-built applications to help you create "what-if" scenarios so you can view the impact of potential changes to you business. Assist analytics provides the tools following the closed-loop analytics model:
  • • TRACK. Extract, transform and integrate data into a data warehouse as well as monitor data in a real-time environment.
  • • ANALIZE. Analyze the data using business intelligence tools.
  • • MODEL. Formulate models for forecasting, optimization and scenario planning utilizing advanced analytics.
  • • DECIDE. Arrive at a decision based on analysis and pre-existing or newly developed models.
  • • ADJUST/ACT. Adjust the business process being addressed.



Product Performance

Assist can evaluate the performance of products and services based on any number of selected attributes then organize the results on a daily, weekly or yearly basis. You can drill down into the results to determine top performing products and view totals and per unit results by retail price, margin or relevant markets, to name just a few options.

Company Performance

Enhance financial and operating performance by taking advantage of Assist's standard reports, including income statements, balance sheets, consolidated reports, variance reports and side-by-side comparisons. Create and define customized financial reports according to your business needs and easily email, share or export reports to formats such as PDF, Excel or Word. Assist easily helps you:
  • • Drill down from any indicator to the underlying transaction.
  • • Communicate information quickly and effectively in real-rime.
  • • Provide all team members with access to the latest information such as overdue invoices or accepting payments.
  • • Securely access business insights from anywhere over any devise with a web browser.
  • • Enable your finance team to get the latest financial and operational measures in real-time to a geographically distributed board of directors.

Sales Performance

Assist sales forecasting tools help you identify the areas, both in inventory and with your sales reps, where improvement or action is needed. Our sales forecasting software provides up to the minute valuable analysis:
  • • Identity the most profitable inventory items.
  • • Prioritize customers.
  • • Manage stock levels.
  • • Retrieve individual salesperson sales activity.
  • • View which customers are being sold to.
  • • Identify the items or class of item that are selling most.
  • • What gross profit margin individual items are being sold for.


Visibility and Control Over the Supply Chain

Assist provides complete set of reporting tools for inventory management, purchasing and warehouse management that improves and delivers an end-to-end procure-to-pay process. You get real-time visibility into demand, supply, costs and fulfillment measures and trends.
  • • Cut inventory costs by tightening control of stock levels while increasing operational efficiencies.
  • • Increase product margins by effectively managing pricing based on different types of customers, channel and currencies.
  • • Control inventory replenishment and ensure that you have enough on hand to fill anticipated orders, while keeping excess stock to a minimum.

Drill Down Customer History

Assist can help you easily determine the status of inventory through comprehensive search criteria. View status of on-hand, on-order, reserved and backordered quantities for single or grouped SKUs. Drill down into purchasing and customer buying history per SKU. View average daily, weekly or monthly rate of sale for single or grouped SKUs.

Returns Reporting

Detailed reporting of returns including issue date, status, reason for return and associated order information allows you to track RMA risks and set parameters accordingly. Implementing smart return policies by tracking and processing returns and replacements builds customer loyalty and increases brand preference.


Sales Channels

Assist helps predicts future activity based on sales reports from your reseller channels. Having a single system to cull and consolidate forecasts from all of your sales channels provides you with a more accurate, clearer window into future product and service demands. It also allows you to better identify and respond to market trends and meet customer demands.

Sales Trending

Sales trending and projected demand inform the replenishment planning function to enable supply chain management efficiencies. Assist forecasting software for distribution provides up to the minute valuable analysis by:
  • • Company.
  • • Customer.
  • • Salesperson.
  • • Territory.
  • • Item.
  • • Warehouse.
  • • Item division and class or any combination of these criteria.

Benefits & Highlights

  • • Sales reps can provide accurate, real-time forecasts.
  • • Aggregate reports across territories, teams, and diverse reseller channels.
  • • Project the amount of sales, probability of close and amount of transactions.
  • • Sales reps can have multiple sales forecasting options by item or pipeline.
  • • Visibility into the channel pipeline to allow mangers to assess the potential revenue at each phase of the sales cycle.
  • • Identify market trends and anticipate customer demands to stay ahead of the competition.

Spreadsheet Server

Create live, drillable reports from Assist right inside Excel

Tired of manually dumping data into Excel
to create reports?

Spreadsheet Server puts an end to tedious, error-prone,
and manual reporting processes while still letting
you work in the environment you’re most comfortable
– Microsoft Excel. Connect to Assist and work with
real-time data to ensure your entire organization has a
clear and accurate view of exactly what is going on in
finance and operations.

Uncover what’s truly going on inside of your organization with automated, real-time reporting from Spreadsheet Server

  • No more data dumps
      Live access to all of your Assist data
      within Microsoft Excel

  • Answer all your questions
      Full drill-down capability from
      summary to transaction inside Excel
      so you can identify and resolve

  • Eliminate IT dependency
      Designed for everyday Excel users;
      you won’t need IT or super users to
      create or update


Download the Spreadsheet Server PDF

  • Simple installation
      No server, staging area, or data
      warehouse required

  • Bring all your data into focus
      Create custom queries from any
      relational database within Excel

  • Support all your reporting needs
      Build a range of reports from simple
      ad-hoc workbooks to complex dashboard
      views of critical business data


Download Sinclar Oil Case Study PDF



1. Closed-loop analytics and business intelligence.

2. Standard and build-your-own reports.

3. Accurate, real-time forecasts.

4. Identify market trends and anticipate customer demands.

5. Visibility into the channel pipeline.


Download the Reporting PDF

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