Supply Chain Management

Transform a linear supply chain into a responsive network with our CLOUD ERP end-to-end, procure to pay processes. Balance your available supply with market demand and collaborate across companies, departments and business units to optimize planning, warehousing, transportation, and vendor management.


Leverage Collaboration

Assist provides the ability for your company to move from managing individual functions to integrating all processes throughout the entire supply chain. Share information and leverage collaboration between buyers, suppliers, product development, distribution and sales.

Eliminate Inefficiencies

Get the flexibility you need to quickly and affordably adapt to market changes, capitalize on new opportunities, and improve order management. Strengthen your relationships with suppliers, customers, and contract manufacturers and eliminate inefficiencies throughout your organization by creating a complete business process flow from purchasing to payables.

Manage Global Supply Networks

In managing a supply chain in today's marketplace, companies are faced with complexities due to global suppliers and partners, stretched logistics networks and increased risk. Assist Supply Chain Management can help you assure responsive planning and collaboration, integrate logistics and fulfillment processes, and manage the performance across global supply networks.

Reduced Logistics Costs

Companies of nearly any size can benefit from Assist Supply Chain Management. Meet your industry's specific inventory management and purchasing needs with easily integrated solutions. Respond quickly to changes in supply demand, achieve customer satisfaction, reduce logistics costs, and improve logistics efficiency throughout your organization.


Complete Source-to-Settle

The system provides connectivity to back-office and complementary applications, industry specific capabilities, and the flexibility to meet your organization's requirements in supplier management, cost analysis, sourcing, contract management and procure-to-pay.


Assist ERP manages all procurement for inventories as well as expense items. Purchasing and inventory management transactions are recorded for complete integration with financials, making it simple to create purchase orders, receive items, process returns, enter and pay bills.

Assist supports unlimited user defined purchase order types and terms for regular, subcontract, blanket, interplant, service, drop ship, expensed, and returns. The requisition approval process is automated and managed through user roles and profiles defined by your organization. To ensure a complete record, all approval actions are recorded for compliance and verification. Features include:

  • • Create, update, track, and close purchase orders.
  • • View all the GL transactions related to PO receipts.
  • • Maintain supplier information and manufacturing cross-reference data for easy supplier substitutions.
  • • Auto three-way matching.
  • • Requisitions, auto requisitioning.
  • • Reorder points and quantities.
  • • Email Purchase Orders to vendors.

Demand Forecasting

Assist allows you to better understand and respond to demand. Automated forecasting analytics ensure that your plans are based on the most accurate, forward forecasts without the need of statistical knowledge. The result is a demand-driven organization with higher service levels and sales, more satisfied customers, and lower inventory and distribution costs. Additional capabilities are:

  • • Store demand curves.
  • • Forecasting based on sales history.
  • • Forecasting based on offer history.
  • • 'Work with' capability.


Assist purchasing is the central function of the Supply Chain Management solution. It automates purchase to make buyers more productive, improves management of your supply base and adapts to virtually any procurement process. Manage procurement tasks such as:

  • • Obtaining products and materials from outside suppliers.
  • • Supply sourcing.
  • • Order placement.
  • • Storage and handling.
  • • Quality assurance.
  • • Supply continuity.


Logistics Competency

Companies that engage in comprehensive performance measurement are much more likely to realize improvements in overall productivity. Assist realizes the strong relationship between the arcs of suppliers and customer integration to market share and profitability.

Logistics competency is a critical factor in creating and maintaining competitive advantage, and measuring logistics performance is increasingly important. The difference between profitable and unprofitable operations can be attributed to a smart, integrated ERP solution that provides real-time measurement.

Supplier Performance Ratings

Global enterprise today relies on the dependability of suppliers. The performance of one enables the other. Good sourcing entails more than comparing prices. It requires that you completely understand how each supplier impacts your company's performance from manufacturing to warehousing to sales and distribution.

  • • Evaluate suppliers across your organization to assess how one division compares to another.
  • • Share performance measures and assessments with suppliers in a secure collaborative environment.
  • • Allocate scores and ratings to each supplier and review and compare the performance of suppliers by an overall rating category.
  • • Customize supplier reports to meet the needs of each division.
  • • Change weighting factors dynamically in order to reevaluate supplier performance based on "what if" scenarios.

Demand Scheduling

Assist delivers complete information to give you an accurate picture of the flow of goods from your organization to your customer. It improves tracking of constantly changing customer demand, is adaptable to customer standards and processes, and ensures compliance with contractual terms.

  • • Use advanced ship notices to keep customers informed of impending product shipments.
  • • Integrate directly with your planning and order management processes to increase scheduling efficiency.
  • • Improve supply chain responsiveness, lower costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • • Monitor quantities shipped and received to reconcile differences.
  • • Customize inbound demand calculations to conform to customer mandates and consolidate demand across different customers and products.


Manage the Entire Supplier Contract Lifecycle

Assist Supplier Management system manages the entire supplier contract lifecycle, from authoring, collaboration, and negotiation to execution, status tracking, and compliance. Effectively managing the entire supplier contract lifecycle is critical in reducing the cost of goods and services by enforcing contracted pricing with embedded terms and conditions.

Generate Better Supplier Contacts

Procurement departments can quickly author contracts that comply with corporate standards and enforce compliance to previously negotiated rates and pricing. Comprehensive contract policies establish control and reduce risk. Contract components can be implemented globally and reused throughout the organization. The result is best practices and standard terminology being used consistently throughout each business unit.

Flexible Workflow

Flexible workflow monitors suppliers' performance and expedites approval and contract signature. Streamline requisition processes and improve collaboration with vendors by giving them self-serve access to key data and information, including inventory reordering points and transaction histories.



1. Complete source-to-settle management.

2. Optimize planning, warehousing, transportation and vendor management.

3. Manage the entire supplier contract lifecycle.

4. Flexible workflow monitors.

5. Adaptable demand scheduling.


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