Inventory Management

Our CLOUD Inventory Management takes a complete lifecycle approach to managing inventory and suppliers. The application's complete set of tools allows you to track and review all vendor information from initial registration and setup, to ongoing performance assessment, to implementing and tracking the success of corrective actions.


Inventory Management

Prevent unproductive work time and lost sales opportunities by eliminating delays in decision-making. Identify product and material shortages or excess ahead of time to expedite ordering and to meet customer demand.

Real-Time Dashboards

Assist provides real-time dashboards and reports that give you deep visibility into key demand and supply measurements, such as inventory trends, on-time delivery, order fulfillment, and shipping costs.

Benefits and Highlights

  • • Multi-warehouse
  • • Multi-lingual, multi-currency
  • • Multiple location costing
  • • Immediate inventory updates at transaction
  • • Inventory is calculated at component level
  • • Supports inventory kitting
  • • Dimensional items (model, size, color)
  • • Flexible cost accounting options
  • • Shipping support
  • • Alternate items
  • • Complimentary items
  • • Substitute items
  • • Phantom items
  • • Kits on the fly
  • • Configurable items
  • • Bar coding
  • • Multiple labels
  • • Bill of material
  • • Extensive item master functionality
  • • Commission allocation by part number
  • • Customizable product types
  • • Average cost
  • • Weighted average cost


Cost Management

Define how the cost of an item will be managed throughout the supply chain lifecycle. Set formats and standards by which the item costs are measured, reported and controlled. Identify who is responsible for managing costs, and who has the authority to approve changes to cost assignment.

Assign allocated cost elements to an item's value and ensure that standard cost is used as the basis for cost of goods sold. Run real-time reports that directly compare revenue to the landed cost rather than the material cost. Assist Cost management allows you to assess company performance based on earned value.

Margin Management

Improve your gross margins by implementing an activity based costing plan. Set various margin holds that force management approval on orders entered below a minimum established threshold for gross margin percentage.

Manage margins using price flexibility by assigning different prices to different types of customers and different channels such as wholesale, retail or online sales. Automatically assign the correct currency, rate, and price to an order or invoices for foreign customers.

Identify Areas for Increased Profitability

  • • Base pricing policies on market segmentation, risk, services levels and value added.
  • • Benchmark pricing to the competition.
  • • Set and manage accurate volume discounts.
  • • Create scripts for your sales force to promote up-selling.
  • • Quantify every issue that contributes negatively to profit margins.
  • • Identify and resolve extended lead times and late shipments.
  • • Reduce conversion costs.


Eliminate Errors with Full Integration

Assist Inventory is completely integrated with the entire ERP, including Accounting, Financial Management, Supply Chain, Online Sales, and Direct Marketing. Create a completely integrated and easily traceable business process from quote to order to fulfillment to shipping.

Eliminate time-consuming errors and streamline business processes by centralizing sales, product, customer and vendor records across all operations. Gain control over inventory replenishment in order to minimize excess stock and fill and ship orders on time.

Streamline Operations

Assist inventory software provides unrivaled capability to control and react to conditions affecting your inventory. Integrating all management processes and data into one system streamlines operations, eliminates manual and redundant processes and allows automation of error prone processes. You save time and money and can spend more of that effort on serving your customers and growing your business.

Vertical Market Solutions

Assist vertical market solutions provide an affordable way to quickly get your integrated enterprise management system deployed while enjoying the benefits of specific functionality and a data model designed for your industry.

Improved Inventory Turnover

Having a real time, centralized view of sales and inventory across all channels improves inventory management and turnover. Reduce out-of-stocks, order cancellations and late shipments and make timely in-season price adjustments.

Item Master

Item Master records contain descriptions, categorization, costs, inventory and cost controls, lot-sizing, vendors, prices and more. Sales Orders contain a list of items and quantities for the inventory items that are to be sold. The items are "shipped" as they go out the door and packing slips and other shipping documents can be printed during the process. If a product is not available the order remains open and the product can be placed on back-order. Shipments are automatically updated in the Assist Accounts Receivable module.


Streamline Requisition Processes

Streamline requisition processes and improve collaboration with vendors by giving buyers access to key data and information, including inventory reordering points and transaction histories. Track costs and eliminate errors by creating a complete business process flow through purchasing, receiving and account payables.

Searchable Vendor Database‚Ä®

Register and categorize vendors by company name, vendor type, vendor number. Track and report all vendor non-conformances details including product ID, category, and description.

Extensive Vendor Master

User defined vendor master values are available to hold critical information regarding your suppliers. These values will default into purchase orders and Accounts Payable vouchers to allow for quick and accurate data entry.

Supplier Contracts and Catalogs

Allow Assist to create vendor contracts with purchase requirements with payment terms and pricing.



1. Eliminate errors with complete product lifecycle management.

2. Streamline operations, control costs and manage margins.

3. Prevent unproductive work time and lost sales.

4. Track vendor performance.

5. Streamline the requisition processes.


Download the Inventory Mgmt PDF

Customer Success

The Christie Cookie Company - An Assist Success Story

The Christie Cookie Company is known for elegant gift packages and unique corporate gifts and continues to thrive in the retail, mail order, and wholesale markets.

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