Connecting to customers, delivering on your brand promise and generating consumer loyalty is mission-critical for multichannel retailers today. Our CLOUD-BASED Ecommerce and POS software helps improve the customer experience, streamline processes and maximize profitability for specialty, general merchandise and hard goods retailers.


A Single Point of Maintenance

Phone orders, web orders, and retail sales are all integrated in our retail management software. A single point of maintenance gives you the advantage of maintaining one master database. Market and sell in a secure and scalable environment that allows multiple storefronts, sales order checkout, real-time inventory checking, order status lookup and customer registration.

Real-Time Shopping Cart

At the core of this web-based application is a real-time "shopping cart" and an online product catalog that will reduce both lag time and paperwork for order processing. Assist POS allows you to set up an online catalog that will display product specifications, extended descriptions, thumbnail and full-sized images, individual and unique pricing, and availability. Dynamic searching features allow users to locate products by category, part number, description, or by an almost unlimited number of attributes.

Stand-Alone or Fully Integrated

Assist POS Software is a complete stand-alone system for managing retail operations across a wide of range of industries with comprehensive end-to-end management that automates processes, reduces operating costs and delivers superior customer service. The POS software is also part of the Assist ERP Suite for flexible, scalable, integrated solutions for global enterprise.


  • • Adpaptive Scenario Engine
  • • MVC Framework
  • • Multi-Tier Architecture Allows for ultimate High Availablity Implementations
  • • B2B and B2C Configurations
  • • Multi Company and Multi Store Capability
  • • Feature-Rich Shopping Cart Capability
  • • Unlimited Multi-Step Order status inquiry - Ideal for Order Types including Manufacturing
  • • Enterprise Level Database Transactions
  • • Address scrubbing and Duplicate Prevention
  • • Real-Time Integration to External Data sources
  • • Highly Sophisticated Product Pricing Engine
  • • Keycode Driven Promotions and Offers
  • • Dynamic Offer Engine - Build Offers for any promotional considerations
  • • SOAP Server and Client Ready
  • • PCI Compliance - DES3 and AES Encryption Standards
  • • GUI CMS Interface
  • • Built-in SSL Security
  • • Multiple event e-mail Engine
  • • Confirmation on order, pick, ship, and delivery
  • • Shipment Tracking
  • • Online Returns (Reverse Logistics)
  • • Native Shopping Cart Integration to all Major Payment Interfaces
  • • Faceted Navigation
  • • SEO Optimized


Leverage Customer Engagement

The more information you have at your disposal the more options you have to leverage customer engagement and increase sales. Assist has functionality that allows every shopper to have a difference price based on a number of factors, such as:
  • • From where the customer originates
  • • Customer history
  • • Catalog or coupon codes
  • • Amount of current purchase

Slow-Moving Inventory and Out-of-Stock Items

Their individual pricing can be set accordingly to take advantage of slow-moving inventory, out-of-stock items or web-based promotions. They could receive a discount for spending a certain amount or a special offer based on purchase history.

New Customers

New customers might be offered incentives such as, "buy today and receive a discount." A search from Google or from a catalog could be a different price. If they spend X amount of dollars they might get a 20% discount on products over an additional certain amount. That could all apply to only that customer.

Existing Customers and Loyalty Programs

Existing customers can utilize past order histories to build quick-orders to expedite large orders. Extremely loyal customers could get a 20% discount across the board. Loyalty programs an immediate display past purchase history and point totals. Customers receive order confirmations and can view online customer service screens for real-time order status information.


Flexible Payment Methods

Assist gives your customers more control over their payment methods by providing the option for account billing and/or credit card authorization. When customers reach a checkout page, they are asked to choose a payment method. Customer and credit card information is automatically and transparently routed for processing.


Flexible Payment Methods

Assist gives your customers more control over their payment methods by providing the option for account billing and/or credit card authorization. When customers reach a checkout page, they are asked to choose a payment method. Customer and credit card information is automatically and transparently routed for processing.


Collect Useful Customer Data

Assist collects information on shoppers such as, where they came from, how they arrived at your site, and how long they viewed particular items. That information is sent to a database for future marketing opportunities. If a customer chooses not to buy anything on that visit, an email can be sent later to encourage them to come back and complete their purchase.

Catalog Sales

Strictly catalog companies and traditional companies that send out catalogs, can store the entire the catalog and offer discounts, promotions and offers based on a single catalog number. Changing a catalog or product name and URL automatically logs that change to the original search path so if a search engine comes to the old URL they are automatically redirected to the new one.

Keycodes, Offers and Lists

Marketing campaigns or offers can derive from any type of communication method such as a catalog, flyer, web promotion, mail piece or infomercial. Lists are a specific grouping of names or products that need to be managed similarly. Keycodes are the combination of lists and offers captured for the purpose of analyzing a marketing campaign's effectiveness. Features include:
  • • Page analysis
  • • RFM score
  • • Decoys and seeds
  • • Prospect mailing history
  • • Finder number
  • • Multi-step marketing processes
  • • Cross-selling
  • • Up-selling
  • • Add-ons
  • • Alternate items

Powerful Marketing Features

Sales Reps – Assign customer accounts and orders for commissions.
Gift Cards – Automate product returns, drive sales, manage inventory.
Google Feeds – Tools for managing Google and Bing product feeds.
Product SEO – Drive traffic to your shopping cart by specific products.
Marketing Reports – Run multichannel promotions and track results.
Email Integration – Seamless integration with third party providers.
E-marketing - Low-cost, permission-based email marketing campaigns.
Market Segmentation – Sophisticated segmentation based on profiles.


Searchable Product Attributes

A very powerful search engine is built into the Assist Commerce system that allows you to make use of complex and customizable search functions. You can assign searchable attributes to every product in the database and create any number of attributes to any number of products and categories. This provides customers an unlimited number of search terms to find your products.

Misspelled Words

Search synonyms ignore certain words. Create stop words and lists of misspelled words custom tailored to a search engine for your particular audience. If your customers commonly misspelled a products, category or attribute, you can add all the possible misspellings for the search term and they will find what they're looking for.

For instance, "sandlewood" could have a list like this one below where each term arrives at the same page:

sandel wood
sandal wood
snadle wood
sandl wood



1. Manages multiple retail operations.

2. Includes a wide of range of industries.

3. Comprehensive end-to-end management.

4. Automates processes and reduces operating costs.

5. Flexible and scalable ERP solution.


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Customer Success

Dean & Deluca - An Assist Success Story

DEAN & DELUCA has earned a reputation that has the cultural status and global awareness to be the defining brand in gourmet food retail around the world.

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