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ORDER PROCESSING: Create Quote orders and easily convert to Sales Orders. Capture and track orders through multiple channels. Track all orders history from order creation to shipping to invoice and payment application. Create Standing orders with recurring shipments. Set up Cross sell and Upsell items with ease. Multiple Payment Methods including customer contracts.

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT: Create Requisitions and Purchase Orders based on Demand, Minimum on hand requirements and Reorder Points. Real time visibility into each item: On hand, On sales order, On purchase order (anticipated arrival date), In transit and Committed quantities. Manage serial numbers and lot numbers with expiration dates by item. ASSIST Inventory Master gives you the ability to create kits and to place kitted items in kits to save time in item set up. Dimensional item setup – create a parent item and assign item attributes.

SHIPPING AND FULFILLMENT: Customize allocation schemes using a variety of customer, order and item values such as: Priority Code, Customer Type, Ship Via code, Product Line, Item number, Location Type codes, Product Type Codes, Locations, Keycodes, Special Insert codes and package type codes.


Connecting to customers, delivering on your brand promise and generating consumer loyalty is mission-critical for multichannel retailers today. Our CLOUD-BASED Ecommerce and POS software helps improve the customer experience, streamline processes and maximize profitability for specialty, general merchandise and hard goods retailers.


Running a giftware supply chain presents several unique challenges. You must stay on top of supplier activities and manage long lead times to ensure production activities remain on schedule. Assist provides the right tools for reducing chargebacks and maintaining good relationships with retailers. Without the right tools in place to manage these processes, inefficiencies can end up costing your business valuable time, money and resources.

We understand the challenges of running your gifting business. That's why we tailored Assist ERP to work the way you do. And our easy-to-use tools are fully integrated so you get a whole-business solution ready to go from day one.

Direct Sales

Maximize all aspects of your direct selling business, including complex commission structures, mentorship programs and party plan models with our Direct Sales CLOUD ERP. This comprehensive Direct Selling software is specifically designed and built to manage direct selling, network marketing, or multilevel marketing companies.


Automotive and aftermarket suppliers live in world of constant change - if you can't keep up successfully, you risk falling behind permanently. Cutting edge Assist Automotive solutions help you change in ways that meet your needs and your schedule. When your systems make it easy to keep ahead of the breakneck speed of auto industry progress, you'll turn your ability to change into a strategic advantage.


Assist offers a comprehensive, cloud-based ERP solution for the apparel, footwear and sewn products industries. Fully integrated, Assist Cloud ERP includes modules to manage every facet of the fashion business through the entire production cycle.


ASSIST provides the Accounts Payable and General Ledger Modules that are integrated to the Transportation Management systems. It's an easy-to-use accounting module that tracks all teh information necessary to keep your tracking business moving.

Transportation management systems are provided by our Partners:
Ayers Rock Software - Website

ASSIST provides all the API's needed for integration to Assist General Ledger and Accounts Payable from any trucking or transportation related software.

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