UX Design

Assist offers a full contingent of creative solutions from brand development to website design through our strategic partner BWP Communications. We've developed designs with a wide variety of functionality–from shopping carts and product catalogs to onsite marketing tools–all designed to meet your business needs and make it easy for your customers to place orders and access information.


User Interface Design

Designing a successful web presence requires a complete understanding of the end user experience. We collect this information by recording the actual user's interaction with your website(s) to gain an understanding of their cognitive tasks, nature of their work and identify any problems in the functionality.

Case Scenarios and Storyboards

After understanding the user's experience, we begin creating the use case scenarios and storyboards. The goal in creating the storyboards is to examine alternatives in which the user interacts with the system. In parallel, we will explore alternative approaches to the visual graphics of the system.

Usability Assessments

Our expert user experience architects and visual designers have extensive experience with traditional user-centered design best practices. We simplify complexity and ensure your site is intuitive, easy to use and provides exactly what your customers need.

Interaction Design

Interaction design is as much about people as technology. When websites are efficient, task-focused and mission-driven, customers can achieve their goals more quickly. Our deep understanding of the development process enables us to design a web experience consistent with the best user-focused design methodologies.

User Experience Research Venn Diagrahm


Business Objectives Guide Research

User-centered design based on user research can do more than just drive better user experiences. User research can be instrumental in improving business results. In addition to the user experience we also consider business objectives to guide both planning and the interpretation of results.

We consider the business opportunities that different user segments present. Then we use this understanding to prioritize the user segments from which to recruit research participants.

Experience design seeks to improve a person's interaction with technology. Our user experience design services yield usable and engaging solutions that can transform your products and how they are perceived.

Taking the Strategic Approach

To leverage user research in informing design decisions we do preliminary work on design before conducting user research. We determine the key elements that differentiate the design alternatives, such as color schemes, different navigational models and different page layouts. Then we collaborate on creating prototypes that accurately depict the differences among these elements.

Business Benefits Through Research

Assist truly delivers user and business benefits through user research, where we always think of the bigger picture. Our usability studies have very well-defined objectives like evaluating ease of use and content discoverability in relation to specific user tasks. We answer these questions:
  • • Does the overall design approach workflow most effectively meet user expectations?
  • • Does the user interface effectively guide user behavior in driving conversions, registrations, and repeat visits?

CLIENT: Assist Cornerstone

User Experience Research for Ourselves

We conducted extensive user experince reserach in the devlepment and design of our new website to provide our clients with the latest usability and functionality methodologies.

Customer Success

Sinclair Oil - A Valued Client

Sinclair Oil has been using Assist AFS Accounting software to run its financial systems for over 12 years.

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