Assist Commerce Suite

The Assist Commerce Suite is a group of integrated CLOUD ERP solutions (Enterprise Resource Planning) supporting a wide variety of businesses, from start-ups to complex multi-site organizations. Assist offers specialization for many industries, including direct sales, manufacturing, wholesale, and consumer goods from a single integrated product.


No matter your industry or specialization, our highly experienced Assist ERP team will provide the insight and solutions you need to succeed today and well into the future. ERP software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, services, retail and hospitality are customized for your enterprise. Assist is an enterprise resource planning software company developing solutions for small, medium and large scale business for over 25 years. Our ERP solutions:
  • • Provide a single point of accountability
  • • Promote rapid ROI with low total cost of ownership
  • • Respond quickly to the ever-changing demands facing your organization
  • • Manage and automate every aspect of your business integrated within a single solution

How can our ERP solution help you?

Become more agile and responsive with our tailored ERP technology and make your business more responsive to change. Assist ERP software applications help you make better decisions using your business acumen because our unique tools and rapid delivery make your company knowledge more available. Assist will help you:
  • • Make your employees more productive
  • • Instantly increase productivity
  • • Improve cash flow, margins, and financial management
  • • Streamline and automate processes that cut costs and reduce risk
  • • Make faster, more informed decisions to drive growth and market share

Powerful, Flexible, Integrated, Cost-Effective Solutions

  • • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • • Manufacturing
  • • Purchasing
  • • Sales Management
  • • Order Management
  • • Inventory & Warehouse Management
  • • Customer Service
  • • Ecommerce
  • • Retail Point-Of-Sale
  • • Direct Marketing
  • • Demand Forecasting
  • • General Ledger
  • • Accounts Payable / Receivable
  • • Shipping and Freight Management
  • • PCI Compliance


A key driver for successful organizations is a supply chain that is truly connected to customers. In today's global market managing commerce means understanding social networking, online shopping and point-of-sale store operations.

Retail is changing, and how your customers do business with you is changing as well. Connecting to customers, empowering people and delivering on your brand promise is a complex assignment in today's complex market. It's a customer drive supply chain and Assist ERP distribution software helps you:
  • • Create deeper customer engagement
  • • Build effective customer-driven supply chains
  • • Keep tight controls over pricing, finance and operations
  • • Empower employees to drive productivity and differentiation

End-User Demand

End-user demand is driving business to distinguish between actions that provide customers with real value and actions which just add costs. In today's complex supply chain environment, customer service means more than just a friendly voice on the line when something goes wrong. It is more than the ability to track a shipment or expedite a delivery.

Customer service means providing insight, strategic guidance, and a wide range of capabilities from the very beginning to the very end of the supply chain. The Assist ERP Commerce Suite brings together all your business operations from customer service to manufacturing to order processing to shipping to accounting, so you can deliver on your brand promise.

Integration and Responsiveness

Integrated solutions and responsiveness is the key to developing a successful customer-driven supply chain. The customer experience must be managed across the entire supply chain from suppliers to wholesale customers to consumers. Assist's real-time metrics provide the point-of-sale data you need to make rapid and effective business decisions.

A customer-driven supply chain starts with understanding customer requirements, then sensing and responding rapidly to demand signals from all sectors. The Assist ERP solution has mechanisms in place to provide customer data at every touch point so you can use real-time demand signals to respond quickly to consumer behaviors.

The Benefits To Your Business

  • • Reduced costs and complexity
  • • More effective forecasting
  • • Better capital asset utilization
  • • Reduced inventory
  • • Reduced lead times
  • • Increased market velocity
  • •Increased productivity


An enterprise business management software solution, Assist Commerce Suite provides an end-to-end view across your entire operation. Our web-based, solutions streamline your business, eliminate IT challenges that arise from having to upgrade and integrate multiple business applications and systems.

ERP Business Management Solutions

ACS is a comprehensive on-demand suite of fully integrated web-based business management solutions. The ERP business software provides your enterprise:
  • • Lower operating costs
  • • Software that grows with your business
  • • Customizable applications for your precise business needs
  • • Easy and efficient management of all business operations
  • • Increased sales with comprehensive, leading technology infrastructure
  • • Review data flow across all modules eliminating redundancy
  • • Track and control expenditures within budgets
  • • Built-in formulas to calculate complex commission structures

Workflow Engine Provides Seamless Collaboration

Assist is a business systems-driven design that facilitates easy customization. Its easy-to-view workflow enables you to identify and rectify bottlenecks, promote accountability, and review on-demand information from sales, production, inventory and logistics. In short, the Assist workflow engine creates seamless collaboration across all operations.


Assist's customer base spans many different industries, including businesses of different sizes and businesses in various stages of growth. The Assist Commerce Suite is an ERP software solution built to automate and integrate critical business functions for distribution, manufacturing, specialty retail and professional service sectors. The system leverages real-time analytics, business intelligence, mobility, marketing and ecommerce infrastructure to help you gain more control over essential business processes and make more informed decisions. Our proven ROI will help you:
  • • Increase productivity and profitability
  • • Maintain reduced inventories
  • • Continuously improve essential processes that run your business
  • • Improve business efficiency
  • • Systematically manage costs for improved ROI

Enterprise-Wide Impact

According to our case studies, Assist customers consistently and often substantially improve operating performance through improved communication between management, staff and departments.

Moreover, our systems automatically make effective workflow decisions and disseminate valuable, action-oriented information with very little data entry or other human intervention.

Assist Customer Care

Assist provides customer care support with both functional and technical representatives easily accessible through Help Desk. A support representative will either answer your questions immediately or return the call with a resolution to the issue in short time. The service is included a part of your software maintenance agreement.

Please review our customer testimonials and case studies to find out more about how Assist can help your business. Call us for a FREE demo of our ERP business software at 800.732.0136 or email


PCI Data Security Standards

Assist has achieved Level 1 compliance with PCI Data Security Standards for storage and retrieval of sensitive financial information. Our system complies with a defined set of procedures which dictate that the normal operation of the customer environment is not to be impacted and that the vendor should never penetrate or alter the customer environment.

Reduce Risks and Improve Security

We work with each client to design, deploy, and manage the best solution to comply with complex regulatory frameworks concerning IT processes, security and data protection. In addition to proven technology, we have the knowledge and experience to translate complex and often ambiguous regulatory requirements into concrete action that keeps your data safe. Our goal is to not only meet regulatory minimums, but actually help our clients reduce risk and improve security.



1. Makes your employees more productive.

2. Instantly increases productivity.

3. Improves cash flow and margins.

4. Streamlines and automates processes.

5. Drives growth and increases market share.


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Customer Success

Sinclair Oil - A Valued Client

Sinclair Oil has been using Assist AFS Accounting software to run its financial systems for over 12 years. Read more about how Sinclair Oil benefits from Assist AFS.

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