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Assist's CLOUD ERP Order Management solution provides powerful functionality and cutting-edge technology to propel your business to the next level. Success derives from excellent customer service, which begins with the accurate representation of a sales order and the efficient fulfillment of that order.


Create personalized experiences across various channels, business models, and customers with Assist ERP order processing management software. Gain a real-time view of the customer, improve operational efficiency, and simplify orders to drive business transformation and growth with Assist ERP distribution software.

Retail, Wholesale & Manufacturing Software

Within the Assist ERP is a powerful order processing system that offers maximum flexibility and customization for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers. Fully integrated with Assist enterprise resource planning solutions, it seamlessly addresses all aspects of the creation of an order, including web orders, catalog orders, mail orders and point of sale orders.

Discover What Assist ERP Business Software Can do for You

With innovative custom ERP solutions that integrate inventory, orders, purchasing, marketing, accounting and reporting, Assist helps you take significant advantage of advances in information technology to remain a step ahead of the competition. For a FREE demo of our ERP business software call us at 800.732.0136 or email info@assistcornerstone.com.

ERP Business Software Features

  • • Automatic Order and Invoice Numbers
  • • ERP Accounting Software
  • • Multiple Warehouse Locations
  • • Multiple Price Levels
  • • Multiple Freight Calculations
  • • Keycode and Source Code Capture
  • • CSR Scripting
  • • Continuity Orders / Auto-Ship
  • • Multiple Ship-To
  • • Customer Surveys (Demographic Info)
  • • Automatic Sales Tax Calculation
  • • Multiple Tax Jurisdictions
  • • Customer Search Variables (Jens*n)
  • • Customer De-duplication
  • • Coupons and Gift Certificates
  • • Gift List Management
  • • Gift List Import
  • • Gift Messaging
  • • Warehouse Messaging
  • • Order Returns Management
  • • Point-of-Sale Orders
  • • Web Orders
  • • Built-in SSL Security
  • • Ship Tracking
  • • Kits on the Fly
  • • Dimensional Items
  • • Configurable Items
  • • Real Time/Batch Credit Card Processing
  • • Fraud Protection System (Hot Lists)
  • • Customer Address Book
  • • Serial Number Tracking
  • • Multiple-level Discounts
  • • Substitute Item Search
  • • Complementary Items


Assist ERP Order Management solution offers very extensive and multiple pricing capabilities. You can create discounts using a number of variables or pricing rules, including special pricing for certain customers based on customer type, wholesale pricing, price breaks based on quantity, or buy-one-get-one free pricing.

When receiving an order from an EDI feed it comes in through an API that is written for your business. All the information, such as customer account, item type, and pricing goes through a process of validation and uploads into the database.

Tax Engines

Assist can address complex tax situations with interfaces for several different tax engines to return tax data from various companies that need to collect tax. It includes multiple states and various complex tax situations.

Assist has a number of tax tables to calculate and collect tax at the point of sale based on zip code.

Business to Business Features

  • • Customer specific pricing
  • • Quotes
  • • Open accounts
  • • Automated invoices
  • • Debit/credit memos
  • • Multi-level contact information


Freight tables can be created for multiple carriers with various freight rules that allow you to charge by the unit, by the overall cost or by weight.

Ship to Multiple Locations

In a single order with multiple detail lines, every detail line can ship to a different address, or several lines can ship to one address. The CSR or customer can attach a different gift message to each detail line or a different message to the warehouse regarding shipping issues.

Gift List Uploads via Spreadsheet

Customers can create gift lists in a spreadsheet and import into Assist to map the order according to their own data. For example, if you have a single customer who is shipping hundreds of packages at holiday time, they can easily create and send a spreadsheet to the CSR who can import the list directly into Assist saving the time of keying in every order.

Return Reship Orders

Assist can do reships and RMA's based a various rules. Management can define who can do returns. For example, If you allow returns in 30 days or less, the system will alert the CSR and stop the return or charge a restocking fee.

Address Book

Your customers can have a list of ship-to's which they can mange and update. The system can send an alert to customers letting them know who they shipped to previously and suggest action to be taken.

Auto-Ship Orders / Continuity Orders

Auto-ship orders or continuity or orders are totally flexible in Assist. Customers or CSR's can define the length of the auto-ship, the frequency, and how much is paid or collected up front and monthly. Predefine the items sent each month, or use an alias item and define the item just before shipping.


Customer Service scripting provides management the ability to create scripts for any type of transaction, product or situation. The script guides the process from notes to warehouse all the way through to payment collection, and then summarizes the order back to the CSR, recording the metrics for management review.

If you have CSR's who are taking too long on the phone or not taking long enough you can get them more training and resolve order issues and costly shipping problems.

Upselling Complementary Items

Customers can easily pick items that complement items on their order. They can replace items out of stock with a suggested item of perhaps a different color or slightly different model.

Scripting For Returns

Create specific scripting for how a CSR deals with the returns. How to handle returns properly is often critical to effective business operations. Whether a refund to the credit card or refund to an account, there are many options as to how you may want to refund the customer. Dealing with the situation properly can increase customer loyalty.

Fraud Protection

Set-up customer hot lists that flag specific orders by order types, addresses, customer name, or any number of rules. You can create scoring parameters for certain order types. Dates, times, addresses, zipcodes, product type; any number of criteria may be used to determine a score for that order. When the score reaches a established critical point the system can cause that order to go on hold.

This is especially helpful for electronics or other high-cost items. Future orders will remain on hold until that customer clears the previous problem. Assist fraud protection prevents you from shipping too much product to bad customers.

Point of Sale

Cash Drawer

The Assist Retail Point-Of-Sale solution provides real-time updates to your database with a full-featured online retail order entry system. The easy-to-use business application synced with both your online and retail locations includes:
  • • Sales rep tracking and cash drawer reconciliation.
  • • Password protection on returns and price changes.
  • • Payment processing for all major credit card types.
  • • Secure 24/7 online transaction reporting.
  • • Bar code scanning.
  • • Employee and commission tracking.

Store Replenishment

Assist tracks store inventory levels and suggest replenishments. Access to real-time inventory information enables you to transfer products from other store locations quickly. The point-of-sale system is designed especially for medium- to large-sized enterprises offering the most reliability, flexibility and ease-of-use. Our customers enjoy improved processes, enhanced customer service, and increased ROI.

Instant Invoice

To record items from a shipping order that have actually been shipped, for the purpose of invoicing those items. When a shipping order is invoiced inventory quantities are adjusted, accounts receivable information and general ledger transactions are recorded.
  • • Integrated credit card processing and instant customer data.
  • • Item quantity and price lookup.
  • • Serial number recording for warranty purposes.
  • • Discounts, multiple sales clerks, out of stock, markdowns.
  • • Detailed item description.
  • • Multi-location item distribution.

Real-Time Integration

Streamline accounting, purchasing, sales, inventory, and manufacturing processes across multiple sites and channels. Assist ERP retail solution provides you with real-time control over all your activities so you can make better decisions in all areas of your business, including:
  • • Special orders and direct shipments.
  • • Inter-store transfers.
  • • Other store inventories.
  • • Order and invoice data sent to accounting, G/L, A/P, and A/R.
With Assist, you have real-time control and visibility over all your activities to improve decision-making and increase reactivity to your markets. Communicate reliable and accurate information to multiple departments quickly with a single entry.



1. Integrates inventory, orders, purchasing, and marketing.

2. Creates personalized experiences for all customers.

3. Provides maximum flexibility.

4. Retail, wholesale & manufacturing.

5. Seamlessly addresses all aspects of the creation of an order.


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