System Implementation

Software Implementation


At Assist we know by experience that successful implementation of software is achieved through a coordinated customer/vendor effort. The key is a thorough analysis and definition of the project's goals, objectives, timeframes, business requirements, and operating constraints. Once known, these are mapped against the features and capabilities of the software. We employ this process early in the implementation process to ensure key system and business requirements are properly analyzed.

Our goal is not just to meet an organization's business needs, but to exceed expectations. Our implementation methodology is a structured step-by-step approach that provides a solid baseline and focus:

1. Project Organization - Assembling a Winning Team

To help you assemble the right team, Assist can provide project management experience to help you select and train your transition staff, as well as suggest approaches and coach players into the mindsets and positions necessary for a smooth installation.

2. Software Installation - Streamline the Game Plan

Preparation is key. When you have the proper tools and setup, moving from your old system to your new one can be a smooth process. Assist can provide software installation assistance to make sure you are fully prepared.

3. System Overview and Business Analysis - Review!

Assist's role in this phase is to provide overview training to your core project team, which may help identify new business processes or software customization requirements. Sometimes knowing what questions to ask can unlock an entire process. That's where we come in with our experience in dealing with many different companies with many different processes. Our goal is to understand your mindset as you come to understand our core efficiencies in order to make a smoother transition.

4. System Set-up and Pilot Preparations - Practice Makes Perfect

We work with you to set-up system and reference files to best tailor the system for your business processes. Again, the more we understand your business, and the more you understand Assist, the greater both our futures will be! When you win, so do we.

5. Conference Room Pilot - Goal!

Once the initial setup has been completed, this phase allows you an opportunity for extensive testing of the software prior to going "live." Typically you will assume responsibility for running the pilot using your system environment as defined in the prior step. At this point we move to the sidelines, confident that you are ready to try the system on your own in a test environment. Of course, there are the usual missteps, fumbles and jitters during this time, and we are right there to help you solve them. The test phase is the critical time to find, address and solve these problems so your bottom line is not affected once the system is "live."

6. Technical Development (as necessary) - Striving for the Ideal

Technical development may be required for various items (e.g. conversions, interfaces, custom print programs, system enhancements, etc.). You may have the staff to perform these on your own (purchase of source code is required for customer-performed technical work), and/or you may need Assist's Development staff. When you really begin to see what is possible with Assist, you may want to reach for the next level. And we're here to help you.

7. Document new (or changed) policies and procedures - Create a map of success

Your project team typically documents new business policies and procedures that result from installing Assist. We can provide consulting assistance to help you efficiently and successfully complete this step, which helps everyone stick with the game plan in the long term.

8. Run Follow-on Pilots and Tests (as necessary) - Test the scope

Your project team typically accomplishes follow-on piloting and testing, and again, Assist can provide consulting assistance to help you successfully complete this step. Here you begin to see the results of the training you accomplished earlier. During this step you may find some new processes that improve on old ones. In addition you might discover that if you can imagine it, Assist can create it!

9. Complete Hardware Setup for User Operations - Chalk the Field

Your project team usually marks out the boundaries of the playing field by accomplishing any hardware setup. But sometimes there will be questions particular to the new setup. You will find our staff ready to "bend over backward" to be of service.

10. Conduct User Department Training - Working in the Field

As personnel who have not been exposed to Assist until now begin to learn the software, the details of your daily work environment may need to undergo some adjustments to make the installation of Assist a success. During this mission-critical step, readiness really pays off. Your project team may provide user department training prior to "going live", and/or we can provide our consultants. Since we've "been there" before, we can bring a confident level of expertise to help you make this transition.

11. Convert Production Data and Go Live - Go Team!

Your project team will populate the system with opening balances prior to going live. Assist can provide consulting to help validate the production data load. By now your butterflies from the "pre-game jitters" should be abating and you should be gaining confidence with the software. Your success is our success, so rest assured your Assist team is there for you. Now, the confidence that comes of having made a winning decision should be replacing any feelings of trepidation.

12. Post Implementation Review - Success!

This optional step "audits" implementation success and plans for follow-on projects. We can provide consulting to help you review the process to date with an eye for improvement. If you can dream a little dream, we can dream and achieve right along with you.

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