Brand Strategy

Assist offers a full contingent of creative solutions from brand development to website design through our strategic partner BWP Communications. We've developed designs with a wide variety of functionality–from shopping carts and product catalogs to onsite marketing tools–all designed to meet your business needs and make it easy for your customers to place orders and access information.


Compelling Proposition

Branding is the creation, development and maintenance of a mutually beneficial relationship with a strategically designated customer or client base. Successful branding delivers a fresh and compelling proposition consistently and methodically over time in everything you do.

Our ultimate objective is to build goodwill for, and support the core attributes for every product, service or enterprise we are granted the opportunity to work with. We partner with companies of every type and size to originate, substantiate and manage their brands so as to maximize the value of the experiences associated with it.

Elevating the Power of Your Brand

We tell stories that include, activate and involve the audience. With our rigorous array of research methodologies we nail down the persona, unique characteristics, and behaviors of your audience. Using this in-depth, qualitative research to inform the strategy and guide the creative for every client allows us to fully develop the magic and power of your brand.

Brand Development Process

  • • Competitive analysis.
  • • Research and discovery.
  • • Analysis and insights.
  • • Strategic planning.
  • • Messaging development.
  • • Mission, vision and values statements.
  • • Define positioning strategy.
  • • Develop market segmentation plans.
  • • Identity design.
  • • Employee and management alignment.
  • • Market planning.
  • • Channel and media implementation.


The Process Begins with Research

Depending on your brand and market challenges, we can employ an array of qualitative research strategies and methodologies:

  • • Segmentation studies.
  • • Brand image assessment.
  • • Competitive analysis.
  • • Website usability and user experience.
  • • Name testing and validation.

Touchpoint Mapping

We define and illustrate every potential point of contact between your brand and its many audiences. By outlining your brand touchpoints, you can implement the right practices and processes to ensure that customers and other audiences have consistently positive experiences.

Brand Architecture

Brand architecture is a graphical illustration by which brands, products, services and subsidiaries are managed on a relative basis to each other within an organizational entity. Your organization's brand architecture might be a brand house, emphasizing the corporate brand, with individually branded products or divisions. Brand architecture also involves the development of nomenclature systems to determine the function and role of Parent Brands such as "Johnson and Johnson." Other brand categories are Ingredient Brands such as "Intel" and Stand-Alone Brands such as "Marriott."

We help you identify the appropriate brand architecture for your organization and implement it so that the structure and its benefits are clearly defined, accepted and understood.

Brand Positioning

A brand position must be relevant, believable and defendable to thrive. A strong brand stands for something. The most compelling brands claim the highest ground where one word defines the brand?

We identifying your organization's unique attributes, assess the competitive brand positions and analyzing opportunities to define the area unique to your company and compelling to your internal and external audiences.

CLIENT: Vault Denim

Vault Denim Brand Development

Vault Denim is a direct selling company that markets jeans and skin care products through a network of independent distributors at home parties. A complete brand identity was devleoped for Vault Denim including identity, website and marketing collateral.

Customer Success Story

Vault Denim - A Valued Client

Vault Denim uses the complete Assist Direct Selling ERP to manage the entire company from accounting and finance to supply chain to home party distribution model.

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