Warehouse Management

Streamline operations across your entire company by efficiently managing every phase of the product lifecycle for all business lines with CLOUD ERP. Complete visibility into supply and demand measurements enables you to develop higher levels of customer engagement and satisfaction for greater brand equity and increased sales revenue.


System-Directed Put-Away

Utilize location barcodes to easily track materials, retrieve full audit trails, and positively know that your products are where they have been assigned. Integrate barcode scanning with ruggedized scanning devices to ensure maximum efficiency from your workforce. Direct Putaway based on user and device authentication.


Assist provides the ability to replenish your picking faces with automated reports that feed RF devices. Replenishment rules can be based on location minimums or location maximums. Emergency replenish notifications can be sent to any authenticated RF devices.

Inventory Control

Automate inventory storage through mapping of warehouse stock and storage facilities providing easy cycle counts and ensuring inventory accuracy. Schedule the most efficient and appropriate staff to quickly pick, replenish and rotate stock.

Warehouse Management

  • • Multi-warehouse.
  • • Multi-location.
  • • Cycle counting.
  • • Multi-lingual, multi-currency.
  • • Multiple location costing.
  • • Immediate inventory updates at transaction.
  • • Supports inventory kitting.
  • • Bar coding.
  • • Multiple labels.
  • • Drop shipping.
  • • Automated back order processing.
  • • Wave Picking.
  • • RF Picking.
  • • RF Receiving.
  • • RF Replenishment.
  • • User Defined Allocation Parameters.

Shipping and Manifesting

  • • Multi-carrier support.
  • • Tracking numbers.
  • • Package weighing.
  • • Rate shopping.
  • • Label generation.
  • • Electronic manifest submission.
  • • Optional International shipping.
  • • Optional packing boxing module.
  • • Optional LTL module.


Multichannel Businesses

A strong inventory and warehouse solution can mean greater operational efficiencies, improved profits and happier customers. The Assist Warehouse Management module allows for great flexibility in a variety of multi-channel businesses. It will help you effectively manage your inventory and fulfillment processes in a business to consumer or business to business environment.

Faster Fulfillment

Enable employees to pick and fulfill orders faster and more efficiently, with complete bin management support that enables the use of bins to track the exact location of items in stock. Manage inventory at multiple locations by choosing the warehouse location that will receive or fulfill an order. View information about your total inventory on hand across locations, or drill into inventory detail at specific locations.

Automate Activities

  • • Automate warehouse activities like receiving, storage and fulfillment.
  • • Use wireless hand-held computers with long-range barcode scanners.
  • • Support full serialized inventory, both inbound and outbound.
  • • Maximize worker accountability.
  • • Increase picking accuracy through system-directed electronic tasks with positive verification.
  • • Reduce on-hand inventory through proactive inventory planning.
  • • Provide extended stock level alerts with pro-active ordering of replenishment inventory.
  • • Minimize lost revenue opportunities from stock-outs, spoilage costs, and shrinkage.
  • • Automate allocation schemes for order fulfillment.
  • • Use a variety of product and order values to quickly allocate your orders.
  • • First in first out allocation method
  • • Priority allocation method


Eliminate Errors with Full Integration

Assist Inventory and Warehouse Management is completely integrated with the entire ERP, including Accounting, Financial Management, Supply Chain, Online Sales, and Direct Marketing. Create a completely integrated and easily traceable business process from quote to order to fulfillment to shipping.

Eliminate time-consuming errors and streamline business processes by centralizing sales, product, customer and vendor records across all operations. Gain control over inventory replenishment in order to minimize excess stock and fill and ship orders on time.

Streamline Operations

Assist inventory software provides unrivaled capability to control and react to conditions affecting your inventory. Integrating all management processes and data into one system streamlines operations, eliminates manual and redundant processes and allows automation of error prone processes. You save time and money and can spend more of that effort on serving your customers and growing your business.

Vertical Market Solutions

Assist vertical market solutions provide an affordable way to quickly get your integrated enterprise management system deployed while enjoying the benefits of specific functionality and a data model designed for your industry.

Improved Inventory Turnover

Having a real time, centralized view of sales and inventory across all channels improves inventory management and turnover. Reduce out-of-stocks, order cancellations and late shipments and make timely in-season price adjustments.

Item Master

Item Master records contain descriptions, categorization, costs, inventory and cost controls, lot-sizing, vendors, prices and more. Sales Orders contain a list of items and quantities for the inventory items that are to be sold. The items are "shipped" as they go out the door and packing slips and other shipping documents can be printed during the process. What doesn't get shipped remains allocated and is back-ordered. Shipments provide an automated data feed to Accounts Receivable.


Product Movement

Warehouse management is no longer about storage. It's about the movement of inventory between locations, filling just-in-time orders and eliminating out-of-stock issues. Assist gives you the visibility and control that you need at every stage of the process across channels, geographies, suppliers and locations to make your inventory and people more productive.

Automatically create move tickets for received items and for bin replenishment based on picking lane requirements. Keep track of items being moved by scanning the current bin location, the item or pallet being moved, and the "move-to" bin location. The Assist system immediately transfers the quantity to the newly assigned bin and the Item history keeps track of all movements for each product.

Picking Support

Assist supports both paper-based and RF picking. Order Management generates a pick ticket that will display items based on area, zone, aisle and bin number. RF picking can then be utilized to scan the bin and the item being picked. Upon scanning, the system will verify that the correct bin, item and quantity were picked and move the item to the staging bin. A bar coded picking label can be automatically generated to track nearly any aspect of the picking process.

Warehouse Transfers

Warehouse transfers can be automatically or manually created for both inter-location and inter-company transfers. Suggested transfers are based on the usage, transfer lead-time and minimum requirements of each location. Use the transfer maintenance program within the Warehouse Management software to review suggested transfers and adjust the stock allocations for each item by location. Transfers are then released to the order manager for picking.

Control Warehouse Costs

Automate routine tasks, provide real-time visibility into operations, and ensure an effective decision-making process.

Enable employees to pick and fulfill orders faster and more efficiently, with complete bin management support that enables the use of bins to track the exact location of items in stock. Manage inventory at multiple locations by choosing the warehouse location that will receive or fulfill an order. View information about your total inventory on hand across locations, or drill into inventory detail at specific locations.



1. Automate receiving, storage, and fulfillment.

2. Wireless computers and scanners to streamline operations.

3. Maximize worker accountability.

4. Increase picking accuracy.

5. Minimize lost revenue from stock-outs, spoilage and shrinkage.


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Customer Success

Total Biz Fulfillment - An Assist Success Story

Total Biz Fulfillment provides a unique combination of a full service fulfillment house, complete back-office facilities and support services like kitting, assortments and light assembly for manufacturers that utilize a business-to-business sales strategy.

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