Direct Marketing

Understanding who your customers are and what they are buying is a critical component of planning and executing an effective marketing program. Designed for selling over a website, through a catalog, or in a store, our Cloud-Based Direct Marketing solution has all the essential elements for you to capture leads and grow your business.


Integrate Marketing Strategies with ERP

Keycodes, offers, and lists are managed from the direct marketing module. Offers are marketing communications methods such as a catalog, flyer, web special promotion, mail piece or infomercial. Lists pertain to a specific grouping of names, defined further below in List Management. Keycodes are the combination of lists and offers captured for the purpose of analyzing a marketing campaign's effectiveness.

Features in this module include:

Direct Marketing

  • • Key code management.
  • • Offer management.
  • • Catalog management.
  • • Offer attributes:
    1. Cross-selling
    2. Up-selling
    3. Add-ons
    4. Flexible Pricing
    5. Multiple discounting methods
    6. Order Premiums – Spend x get y free
  • • RFM segmentation.
  • • Decoys and seeds.
  • • Multi-step processing.
  • • Enrollment via key code/finder number.
  • • Customer process tracking.
  • • Prospect mailing history (finder).
  • • Square inch analysis.
  • • Multi-level customer tracking.
  • • Scripting.

List Management

  • • Create lists from your customer database or your prospect database based on sales history.
  • • Rented list input.
  • • Lists for sale output.
  • • List division.
  • • A/B testing.
  • • CASS certification address (partner).


Lead Management

Assist allows you to capture leads from multiple sources, including websites, direct mail and special events. Coordinate with sales teams and manage leads more effectively by delivering leads faster to the appropriate sales team. Automate the lead generating process and sales territory management.

Email Marketing

Reach customers and potential customers in a more targeted and personal way. Develop profiles on each target group to help develop the best ways to communicate and develop good content marketing strategies.

Search Marketing

Measure your keywords and paid search campaigns by tracking user activity from click to conversion. Accurately track and manage in real time paid search marketing campaigns for all keywords and search engines. Perform closed-loop analysis of leads driven by individual paid search terms, from the time they turn into a lead all the way through actual purchase.

Marketing Campaigns

Create and execute campaigns on the fly, and then track the number of orders that are placed as a result of the campaign. Analyze which campaigns worked and which did not, continuously improving your development process.

Review and track customer response by segment to deliver more personalized marketing efforts of your products and services. Monitor marketing campaigns across multiple channels with a single, real-time view of campaign events.


Keywords and SEO

Assist creates search engine-friendly websites and pages with customized page titles, meta data and descriptions. We analyze and pull relevant keyword information from all sources to refine and develop the most successful keyword lists.

A successful campaign management strategy requires the combined value of data and analysis to make informed decisions regarding audience targeting and offer development. We provide the data-driven insights needed to fuel your marketing strategies with continuous learning from your customers.

Lead Generating Tools

Assist's customization tools enable you to create lead-generating web forms that can be used as landing pages. Capture leads from multiple sources including your website, direct mail and events.

Easily manage all leads and customer information coming from the web, based on your unique business model, brand or sales strategies. Keep track of the source of each lead at both the lead and opportunity level. Combine lead management with a full view of customer data to assess campaign effectiveness.

Closed-Loop Marketing

Customers are more likely to build relationships with a company or brand when they see the company paying attention to them. Assist closed-loop analysis and reporting provides your team with the decision support needed to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of your marketing campaign. We collect useful data about your customers and make use of that data to improve all aspects of your business from pricing to distribution to messaging.


Track results from all leads even if purchases occur months later. Then collaborate closely with sales and other business units to quickly convert leads into prospects. View real-time data on page visits, time on site lead conversions, and bounce rates.


A Single, Unified Customer Database

Good upselling begins with tracking what your customers are buying from you. Assist can create target segments for focused, personalized upsell and cross selling campaigns and promotions based on customer buying histories, demographics or customer personas.

Scripts for Upselling Strategies

Create scripts for customer support reps and sales staff to use for each individual product or service. Provide options for upselling choices directly from a product page and check-out page.

Compare Customer Buying Trends

Display automatic upsell and cross-sell recommendations based on what other customers have purchased. Using simple, standard report query tools target customers by their past purchase histories, marketing activity, demographics, or other segmentation.

Marketing Analysis and Reporting

Track the results of your marketing campaigns by program type, lead source, and/or promotions. Improve the return on your marketing investment by identifying how much revenue you receive from each lead.



1. Integrate marketing with ERP.

2. Flexible pricing and multiple discount methods.

3. Create target segments for focused, personalized upsell.

4. Compare customer buying trends for targeted marketing strategies.

5. Track your marketing campaigns.


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