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"As a family owned and operated business we currently provide services for 26 brands ranging from gifts, toys, games, housewares, health & beauty supplies and art supplies. One of the biggest benefits of using the Assist software is being able to see a complete view of our business; including sales, accounts payable and receiveable and inventory. We know what's happening with our customers minute by minute. And having access to that data allows us to spot trends. We've seen our business grow over the years and the Assist system has been able to grow with us".

Greg Wilburn, Director of Information Technology.

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We ship up to 30,000 packages a day using ASSIST's Fulfillment. Our employees love Assist's amazing support desk. We've been blessed with customers who continue to spread the word far and wide about our turkey's distinctive flavor. Our business has grown as more and more people discover why Greenberg Smoked Turkey is a treat that is not to be missed, so much so that around 200,000 customers make us a part of their holiday season each year. We really would have had a tough time achieving that sucess without Assist.

Tracy Lisner - COO, Greenberg Smoked Turkey Inc.

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Customer – Zenith Global Logistics

To: Any enterprise searching for efficient cost effective software solutions

I joined Zenith Companies in early 2002 as CFO. My first and primary challenge was to assemble an ERP to fully integrate the very complex systems typically required to manage operations within the transportation / supply chain industry. Very early in my search for the appropriate software package, I was informed that my predecessor had purchased something called Assist Cornerstone. It had been sitting ‘on the shelf’, unused. Curious, I contacted Assist to ask how to access their product. After a very brief telephone orientation, I began to examine Assist. I quickly realized that this particular system was not only able to coexist with numerous payroll, costing and operational subsystems, but the Financial Accounting modules happened to be superb! Next step was to have Assist install their newest update and help me with the dreaded task of conversion, which was actually quite painless. The Assist team spent a few days on site acquainting me with the functionality and various features…..and I was on my way. I performed parallel transactions with the old system for only one month. My staff’s comfort level with Assist was immediate and we ‘never looked back’. Now, nearly twelve years later, we maintain that our engagement with Assist was indeed a prudent decision. The Assist customer support team is rapid to respond, courteous and spot-on accurate. Zenith is a very happy Assist Cornerstone client. My recommendation goes without question.

Jan M Dreher - CFO, Zenith Global Logistics

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Customer – Cole Parmer

Maryanne Humphrey, when asked about ASSIST stated, "ASSIST has excellent help desk support and consultants to work with – they are true business partners who help when you need it, discuss your business issues with you, come up with workable solutions, and are friendly at the same time. Our company began it’s relationship with Assist in 1996, and has never been disappointed in our choice of software, or vendor."

Maryanne Humphrey - IT Manager, Cole Parmer

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