Customer Insights

Assist offers a full contingent of creative solutions from brand development to website design through our strategic partner BWP Communications. We've developed designs with a wide variety of functionality–from shopping carts and product catalogs to onsite marketing tools–all designed to meet your business needs and make it easy for your customers to place orders and access information.


Customer Engagement

Customers engage with brands when the offering fulfills their needs and is inspired by what they love and value. How to connect with your customers and provide transparency and meaning in both messaging and product development is the goal of our research process.

We gain insights into what makes your brand important to your consumers through an array of in-depth, qualitative research methodologies. With this information, we create emotional maps, customer personas and behavior patterns to identify key attributes, benefits, and values that drive customer engagement. Our approach includes:
  • • Individual in-depth interviews.
  • • Ethnographic research.
  • • Traditional focus groups and mini-groups.
  • • On-site interviews such as bars, retail stores, etc.
  • • Product design clinics, both real and virtual.
  • • New product idea generation.

More Competitive Brands and Products

We specialize in customer and user experience research providing you with insights and ideas that will make your brand more competitive and innovative, and more in line with what your customers really need and value. Based on the analysis from our Customer Insight tactics we endeavor to improve interactions with your users and the effectiveness of your communication strategies.

Customer Research Strategies

  • • Ethnographic and Human Centered Research.
  • • Workshops, Interviews and Focus Groups.
  • • Survey Research.
  • • Concept Testing.

Customer Insights Tactics

  • • Customer Journeys and Stories.
  • • Customer Segmentation.
  • • Personas.
  • • Quantitative and Qualitative Data Visualization.


Development Follows Research

For development of complex products and services that have stronger interactions with customers we encourage clients to conduct ethnographic research. We dig deeper to discover what makes your brand compelling, or what makes your customers engage with your products and services. We gain insights and understanding through ethnographic research, usually conducted with video and/or audio recordings to capture actual customer experiences.

The process requires a greater amount of time and involvement from our research specialists, but provides much deeper understanding of how to create products or services that fully provide engaging and rewarding experiences.

The Process

Ethnographic research is a rich and flexible way to bring the voice of the customer to your important decisions. Each project takes on its own identity. We work as a team with our clients to design each study, starting with the decisions the client needs to make and the information needed to make them. From there, we select the most appropriate interviewing formats and develop interview guides that will get us the information we need.

Typically, we conduct in-person interviews with participants, recording video of the interviews to analyze in detail later. We use video cameras or audio recording devises to record customers, employees, or others in actual settings or the environment where the product or services will be used, or where the customer spends time.

BWP research process

CLIENT: Utah Association of Counties

Qualitative Research for UAC

Qualitative, in-depth reserach was conducted for the Utah Association of Counties in the development of a new messaging and brand identity.

Customer Success

Sinclair Oil - A Valued Client

Sinclair Oil has been using Assist AFS Accounting software to run its financial systems for over 12 years. Read more about how Sinclair Oil benefits from Assist AFS.

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