Additional Capabilities

The Assist Commerce Suite is a group of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, supporting a wide variety of businesses, from start-ups to complex multi-site organizations. Assist offers specialization for many industries, including direct sales, manufacturing, wholesale, and consumer goods from a single integrated product.


Gain Control Over Operations

Assist Business Intelligence helps you gain control and obtain information you need for operations and strategic planning. Real-time reports enable managers to view spending details, analyze procurement data, measure performance and develop strategies for increased savings.

Sophisticated Dashboards

  • • Identify and respond to trends using sophisticated, customizable dashboards.
  • • Empower your people with meaningful information and trending reports.
  • • Minimize manual, repetitive work.
  • • Efficiently view, manipulate, analyze and distribute reports in familiar formats.
  • • Extract up-to-the-minute summaries, account groupings, or details transactions.
  • • Effortlessly consolidate data from multiple companies, divisions, and databases.
  • • Improve the productivity of your accounting department.
  • • Easily create in-depth financial, operations, customer, and vendor reports.


PCI Data Security Standards

Assist has achieved Level 1 compliance with PCI Data Security Standards for storage and retrieval of sensitive financial information. Our system complies with a defined set of procedures which dictate that the normal operation of the customer environment is not to be impacted and that the vendor should never penetrate or alter the customer environment.

Reduce Risks and Improve Security

We work with each client to design, deploy, and manage the best solution to comply with complex regulatory frameworks concerning IT processes, security and data protection. In addition to proven technology, we have the knowledge and experience to translate complex and often ambiguous regulatory requirements into concrete action that keeps your data safe. Our goal is to not only meet regulatory minimums, but actually help our clients reduce risk and improve security.


Sales Force Automation

How good can your Customer Relationship Management system be for you if it is not integrated with all aspects of your business in real time? The Assist Customer Relationship Management module pulls everything together. Your customers will appreciate the real-time information in every aspect of their dealings with you.

Assist CRM

  • • Real-time CRM.
  • • Customer inquiry.
  • • Order inquiry.
  • • Invoice inquiry.
  • • Payment inquiry.
  • • Item inquiry.
  • • External notes.
  • • Internal notes with follow up.
  • • Email.


  • • Operational reports.
  • • End user reports.
  • • Management reports.
  • • Statistical reports.
  • • Notes follow-up reports.


Unique Solutions for Your Business

Assist understands the unique business processes and needs of many industries. We have developed solutions that work for many different types of companies. Our industry specific software helps you get up and running faster, with the capabilities of our cloud computing business management suite, including warehouse, inventory, direct marketing, ecommerce and order management.


  • • Direct Selling.
  • • Trucking.
  • • Wholesale.
  • • Retail.
  • • Gifting.


Traditional SEO is Changing

The rules of traditional SEO are changing rapidly and that challenge presents a unique opportunity for how companies should work better with content marketing teams to ensure they are providing integrated search optimization. An integrated SEO approach delivers better search rankings, greater levels of brand awareness, and a great user experience.

Customized, Integrated SEO

Assist is fully aware of the need to deliver new traffic through an integrated system of search terms that link to not only product types but complex and unusual characteristics. When consumers search for products and services they often don't know what they're seeking but do know the what kind of solution or issue they want to address. Assist has a built in system to add integrated SEO as we develop your ecommerce platform.



1. Business intelligence and performance measusrement.

2. PCI data and security standards compliance.

3. Customer relationship management.

4. Industry Specific Solutions.

5. Integrated SEO and online marketing solutions.

Customer Success

Moeller Marine Products - An Assist Success Story

Moeller Marine Products is the plastics leader in the marine industry, bringing about breakthrough transformations to fuel tanks, jerry cans, fluid delivery systems, live wells, drain pans, seat substrates, finished offshore chairs and custom interior components.

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