Drive productivity and efficiency with the fully integrated Assist Enterprise Financial Management Software. Seamlessly aggregate accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger with strong compliance management to get a real time, in-depth look at your business's performance and overall financial health.


Optimize Payables Process

Assist's efficient and effective cash management software provides the integration and flexibility you need to optimize your payables process. Disburse payments through manual or computer-generated checks, wire transfers, and bank drafts. Pay invoices fully or partially and track invoices by job.

Control Expenditures

Capabilities include payment clearing, account reconciliation, custom vendor support, vendor payment management, recurring vouchers, and on-line inquiries. Maintain and control every aspect of the management of your expenditures, turning the time-consuming management expenditure process into a manageable piece of your corporate puzzle.

Scalable Cloud Accounting Solution

Streamline your business processes with our flexible, scalable, consistently updated cloud accounting software. Have immediate access to comprehensive reporting and analytics that deliver the latest financial information to accelerate financial close and improve revenue recognition processes. Ensure accountability and compliance with comprehensive auditable accounting practices.

Benefits & Highlights

  • • Set-up multiple companies and inter-company payables.
  • • Multi-currency payment processing.
  • • Track and manage multiple accounts payable, including all vendor purchases and payments.
  • • Track invoices and generate recurring payments.
  • • Support an unlimited number of general ledger accounts
  • • Define your accounting periods and close individual components separately.
  • • ACH payment processing.
  • • Positive Pay formatted file available for upload to bank to protect against check fraud.
  • • Job costing - Track costs at time of purchase order and payment process.
  • • Seamless integration between Puchasing, Inventory and Accounts Payable.
  • • 1099 processing with electronic file generation.
  • • Ability to set up automatic general ledger distribution for specific invoices.
  • • Calculate sales tax, finance charges and discounts based on customizable payment terms.


Streamline Collection Process

Speed up and streamline every step in collection process, from invoice entry to the recording of payments, to issuing customer refunds. Automatically calculate sales taxes, discounts, commissions, due dates and automatically distribute invoice amounts to the appropriate general ledger account.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Assist's Accounts Receivable streamlines and accelerates the process of applying receipts, giving you real-time accounts receivable information. Handle complex transactions quickly and automatically, minimize the need for manual processing, improve your customer relationships, and enhance your organization's ability to respond to credit and collections issues.

Benefits & Highlights

  • • An unlimited number of receipt types, including credit card, checks, electronic checks, cash, installment plans, open accounts, and wire transfers.
  • • Cash can be received in multiple currencies and deposited in multiple bank accounts.
  • • Provides individual customer maintenance, customer statements and dunning letters, variable finance charges, credit limit processing, and on-line inquires.
  • • Powerful and flexible cash application features.
  • • Credit card authorization and payment plan maintenance.
  • • Workflow tailored to your business processes.
  • • Detailed account visibility that allows you to see when and how customers are paying.
  • • User-definable collection criteria from a combination of variables
  • • Simplified handling of nonstandard customer deductions.
  • • Assign invoice numbers automatically and verify unapplied payments, credit limits and past-due amounts.
  • • Track overpayments and create and issue customer refunds.
  • • Manage one-off and recurring billing processes for subscription and maintenance-based revenue streams.
  • • Ability to set cash or accrual accounting method based on accounts receivable code.
  • • Easily convert estimates into a sales orders—or sales orders into invoices.
  • • Complete visibility into customer information to easily discover late payment issues.
  • • Send notices automatically to delinquent customers.
  • • Calculate sales tax, finance charges and discounts based on customizable payment terms.
  • • PCI – Is this the right location for our payment processors?


Real Time Financial Dashboards

Assist delivers reporting and analytics that allow you to continually monitor key performance indicators and get access to the latest management and financial reports. Quickly take action to drive business performance by assessing financial issues on the fly with drill-down visibility to customer, employee or transactional details.

Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting

Increase business performance with sophisticated budgeting, planning and financial modeling capabilities. Employ "what-if" scenarios to create various financial views to help set priorities and goals. Identify variances between your plan and actuals, isolate the area or unit responsible for the variance and drill into the transactions contributing to the variance.

Benefits & Highlights

  • • Get a real-time view into company and financial performance from anywhere or any time.
  • • Close your books faster by eliminating manual reporting processes.
  • • Gain visibility into business performance from summaries down to the actual live transaction.
  • • Drill down from a financial report to the supporting details in the ledger.
  • • Create financial and operational reports, income statements, balance sheets and cash flow.
  • • Receive comprehensive, detailed transaction and accounting-related reports.
  • • Provide total visibility into every transaction with a detailed audit trail that shows the author and time of each entry.
  • • Create role-based access that controls user access to records and changes.


Make Informed Business Decisions

Assist's General Ledger integrates financial information in real time and helps you meet the financial consolidation and reporting needs of a complex and changing business environment. It combines power and flexibility with ease of use to give you the critical information you need to make timely and informed business decisions and manage your business more effectively. Drill-down capabilities enable you to view detailed journal entries.

Comprehensive Financial Analysis

User-defined processing options allow you to automatically add new accounts, print period-end reports, revise and maintain budgets, purge data and close the period. The General Ledger maintains audit trails of all transactions allowing you to drill down to the book of original entry. It combines recurring entries, general journal entries, and collects data from the other Assist modules, which results in a comprehensive database for financial analysis.

Benefits & Highlights

  • • Unlimited number of budgets.
  • • User defined chart of accounts structure.
  • • Real time with no month-end batch jobs to run.
  • • Provides journal entry processing, on-line interactive processing, and unlimited budgets.
  • • Supports up to 14 fiscal periods to allow for an adjustment period, and lets users post to multiple fiscal periods or years. Handles multiple companies.
  • • Supports multiple languages and currencies.
  • • Allows job tracking and reporting.
  • • Allows both recurring and reversing journal entries.
  • • Access to financial information online across multiple currencies.
  • • Organize financial operations by companies, business units, or other grouping giving you flexibility to change the reporting structure as needed.
  • • See originating transactions while viewing the account balance.
  • • Seamless integration with all Assist Commerce applications.
  • • User-defined financial formats.
  • • Allows accounting period closings of multiple companies at different times.
  • • Recognizes custom account names or numbers.
  • • Custom account groupings that will combine like accounts for inquiry view.
  • • Automatic entry of recurring journal entries for specific periods or patterns.
  • • Formula driven options for recurring journal entries.


Determine Your Accounting Periods

Flexible revenue recognition allows you to determine the accounting period in which revenues and expenses are recognized. You can set the revenue recognition schedules for all subscription sales transactions. Assist provides the flexibility to recognize revenue using a separate process from billing.

Benefits & Highlights

  • • Assign customizable schedules on a per-item basis.
  • • Recognize revenue as a job is completed.
  • • Manage one-off and recurring billing processes for subscription and maintenance-based revenue streams.



1. Optomize payables and receivables.

2. Streamline the collection process.

3. Set-up multiple companies and inter-company payables.

4. Flexible revenue recognition schedules for all transactions.

5. Unlimited number of budgets.


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